A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Tower Pusher : Crate's Heaven was made during the Secret Jam in 48 hours. Themes were "They come from below" and "In the sky". 

Embody the bravest crate in the Heaven : the Holy Pusher ! 

You have to defend the heaven and resist to devil's crate assault. Be carefull they what to take you down with them ! Push they out of the Heaven Tower, and you will be rewarded by the Crate God !  


WIN_TowerPusher.zip 21 MB
MAC_TowerPusher.app.zip 23 MB
LINUX_TowerPusher.zip 27 MB


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Nice, clean aesthetic and works well. I am quite fond of the title screen. It seems like the enemies should be able to bounce the player a bit; it's pretty difficult to lose. 

thanks for feedbacks ! yes i realised the game was too easy but too late, i think i'll fix it in few way